River Scheldt

Request for pilot by helicopter

Request for pilot by helicopter

Helicopter Service - Scheldt Estuary

Inward and outward bound traffic via Steenbank and ships with a Dutch port destination
E.T.A. to Pilotage Vlissingen via:
For captains only: orderpilot@loodswezen.nl
phone: +31 (0)118 48 95 02
fax: +31 (0)118 41 23 21
telex: 37811 LWVL

Inward and outward bound traffic via Kwintebank (Wandelaar)
E.T.A. message to Pilot VTS Wandelaar:
For captains only: orderpilot@loodswezen.be
phone: +32 (0)9 250 57 14
fax: +32 (0)9 251 63 21
telex: 13704

E.T.A. message consists of:

A (Alfa) ship's name and call-sign
B (Bravo) date and time of arrival in UTC
I (India) port of destination
J (Juliet) pilot required at pilot station Steenbank or Wandelaar
O (Oscar) maximum draught
T (Tango) agent U (Uniform) - length overall - gross tonnage
X (X-ray) remarks

For more information please contact the Chief Pilot, 24 hours a day. telephone: +31 (0)118 48 95 09 e-mail: loodsdienstleiding.scc@Loodswezen.nl

Ship to helicopter communication: all communication to transfer a pilot by helicopter takes place via
VHF 64 (Steenbank)
VHF 65 (Kwintebank / Wandelaar)