River Scheldt



Regional Pilot Corporation River Scheldt (RLC)

This corporation enables all the pilot services to be realised in the Scheldemonden region. The RLC has 163 marine pilots that work closely together with the Flemish Loodswzen DABL.

Both sets of pilots provide services to shipping to and from Flemish ports on the river Schelde. This is divided into 72,5 % for the Flemish pilots and 27,5% for the Dutch.

Regional pilot’s corporation board

  • President
    G.B.P. Jaburg
  • Vice President, Secretary
    B.F.R. Bijvank
  • Coordinator Education & Training
    D. de Boer
  • Members:
    E. Schoon
    A. van Mossevelde
    A.A. Palmers
    D. Netsere (substitute member)
    P.P. de Bruijn (substitute member)

Management Team

  • President
    G.B.P. Jaburg
  • Manager Operations
    B.F.R. Bijvank
  • Regioncontroller
    H.F. de Vos
  • Manager Loodswezen Information System (LIS)
    C. Stam